About Us
Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family

Welcome to St. Mary’s.

We’re a family and we go out of our way to make sure you feel like you’re a part of it right away. We are a diverse, neighborhood church where everybody knows your name. Our roots run deep and our commitment to sharing God’s love is great.

We are a church built on truth, while walking in grace. We have traditions, but we’re not stuffy. We know that life can be messy and hard. If you feel that you are not perfect, you’ll fit right in! Neither are we. Together we are seeking God and figuring out what it means to love the world – as He loves us. It’s not just what Jesus said, but how He lived. For you are loved with a love that you did not earn, and therefore, can never lose. This is the truth of God’s love for you in Christ.
So let’s walk together in love as Christ loved us.

Rev. Kevin+

Who We Are

Our church is not a building, it is a community. We believe people’s stories matter. No matter who you are, what you believe, or what you have been through, you are invited to be a part of this diverse community.

We gather in worship. We learn and grow. We work to build community and relationships within the church. We challenge one another to do our best and love each other when we’re at our worst. We work together to serve all of God’s children, for we believe that God cares about how we treat the poor, the hungry, the oppressed and the downcast. To love God is to love others. What matters most is not if our love makes other people change, but that in loving, we change.

What We Believe

Sharing our faith is truly a conversation, not a quick quote meant for a bumper sticker. St. Mary’s holds to the , The Apostle’s Creed and The Nicene Creed. A “creed” is a statement of faith and these creeds provide a deep and wide overview of our faith foundation. Questions? We’d love to have that conversation with you.

What We Believe

We believe we are called to carry an ancient faith into the future. Our services are centered on rich tradition with practical application. The preaching is scripture-based and relational. Our worship is participatory – throughout the service we stand, sit, kneel, and sing. We want you to feel at home. You may engage in the music and prayers at whatever level you feel comfortable. If you need help following along, just ask the person next to you in the pew. We’re a friendly group and many of us were new once, too.


Sundays 8:00am & 10:00am
Wednesdays 6:00pm

Our early service on Sunday is a quiet, reverent time of worship filled with scripture and prayer. This service uses traditional language and does not have music. Our 10:00am service honors the traditions of the early church while making them applicable for the modern world. This service is filled with music, blended with time-tested hymns and praise. Be sure to stop by our coffee hour on Sunday mornings after the 10:00am service to grab a cup, chat with new friends, and enjoy some tasty breakfast treats!

Wednesday Worship is a time of community. We are a church that loves food, and that is evident by the delicious spread we enjoy each Wednesday! Our dinner is followed by a time of studying God’s Word, prayer, and praise. We hope to see you there!

What Should I Wear?

Come as you are. On Sundays, we dress in suits and ties to shorts and polos and everything in between. Wednesdays are completely casual.

Bring The Kids

We will launch our nursery program and children’s church in early 2020, but for now, plan on having your children in the service with you. We welcome all ages and even our littlest ones feel at home. Be sure to check out our busy bags at the front of the church to use during the service to help occupy little hands.


We’re hard to find! When we say we’re a neighborhood church, we mean it. We’re tucked between homes within the neighborhoods near Belle Isle, FL. Once you find us, you’ll see the back of the church first. Drive around to the back parking lot to locate our entrance. We promise, once you make the trek we’ll be there to warmly greet you!