We worship God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a traditional manner, according to the rites of the Book of Common Prayer used throughout the Episcopal Church. If you are unfamiliar with our style, no worries! We have bulletins with lots of instructions with most of the service printed out, so that you will never be lost. If you see people kneeling and crossing themselves, feel free to ask why. These practices are always personal choices and never required; but many of our people find that they enhance their experience and symbolize the true reception of God’s grace. Within our traditional framework, we invite the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into us. You will find that there is a friendly atmosphere where you never have to worry that you’re doing something wrong.

Our most important act of worship is weekly participation in the Holy Eucharist, also called the Mass or the Lord’s Supper. Our early service is a simple, spoken Mass. Our later service uses more modern language, and many parts are sung or chanted, and incense is used. Regardless of which service you attend, you will hear a sermon that opens up the week’s appointed Bible readings and applies the Word of God to our lives today.

We believe that in the Holy Eucharist (Greek for “thanksgiving”), God transforms ordinary elements of bread and wine into the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. In like manner, God transforms us into his faithful servants. We are nourished in body and soul to face the challenges of our daily lives, to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, to cherish the things that lead to our salvation, and to be at peace with our neighbors. We receive forgiveness of our sins and are assured of God’s love and grace to start anew.

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion at all services. If you have not been baptized, our priest would be happy to talk to you about this all-important sacrament of Christian initiation.

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